About Matt


Information about Matthew – the inspiring story of how Matthew not only deals with his disabilities (Matt has Cerebral Palsy) but overcomes them to build a successful online retail business.

Even in Matthew’s early years at primary school he showed the beginning of his entrepreneurial skills. He would carry a “For Sale” sign on his walking frame for pens and small stationary items that his father would purchase in bulk (boxes) from K Mart and which he would then sell as single items for a healthy profit.

As a teenager, Matthew was one of the first in Australia to develop a modem communication system for Apple Mac computers.  The system called a “bulletin board service” was the forerunner to the internet, which we are only too familiar with today. This service evolved into the award winning “Skynet” internet service provider (ISP) Business which was constructed and managed solely by Matthew.

In the late 1980’s Matthew began importing Mac computer hardware and software not available in Australia at the time. His parents tell of the many times the doorbell rang at home heralding another courier delivery from USA or Germany. By necessity, the domestic garage was transformed into a warehouse where orders were packed and dispatched from.

Matthew has always operated as if he has no disability, fearless and with pride. As the Australian representative for overseas manufacturers, Matthew never highlights his disability in his negotiations, and a common theme is the amazement and awe when the real person behind the multitude of emails is revealed.

Matthew came up with the idea of The Great MacHouse in 1989 – long before online retail stores.

Matt is sourcing items from overseas with a focus on improving life’s little experiences. The first of these novelty products are now being introduced to the Australian market. These include novelty clocks, a very versatile and practical dongle and novelty photo mugs.