GMH Smart Mug – Bluetooth – White (CloudCup)

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MHXT-2016001W: GMH Smart Mug Bluetooth

Product Details:

Combining with Bluetooth technology, this Smart Mug works with CloudCUP APP on mobile phone, can create a scientific drinking plan based on your present personal data, record how much water you drink, remind you to drink water timely and start your new lifestyle.

Product Features:

  • Drink Data: Displays drunk and plan data, last and next drinking time.
  • Power: Shows battery status so that user could know it well and replace batteries in time.
  • Drink analysis: Records recent 7 days, 1 month and all drinking data to know more about drinking habit.
  • Drink setting: User needs to set the drinking plan for first-time use. The application will provide a drinking advice after inputting personal weight, height and age. User also could modify and save the plan according to individual needs.
  • Open buzzer: Default is closed. Open buzzer and click “save”, then device will sound to remind user to drink once interval time is end.

A brand new product to the local market and with 12 Month Warranty.

All our products are produced exclusively for The Great MacHouse and come in their original factory sealed packaging.

Additional information

Weight 380 g
Dimensions 216 × 80 × 80 mm


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